On Thursdays of June and July, Fresco La Zenia presents a new proposal in which music, wine and gastronomy are mixed. Its terrace becomes a stage where you can enjoy the best marinated ingredients with a selection of wines and live music.

With this initiative we want to awaken in our clients a mixture of sensations in which we stimulate the sense of the palate and the ear to make them live a different experience, special on these summer nights.

The wine list we offer is selected among the best wineries. The idea is that wine is one of the few products that accumulate so many positive qualities for health scientifically proven. Which gives us the best of excuses to have a good wine while we have dinner, although always in moderation.ç

The consumption of wine is an ally against fat as it contributes to reduce obesity and overweight as we get older. It also helps fight bacteria in the mouth responsible for cavities or sore throats.

A curious fact is that, thanks to the large amount of antioxidants in its composition, improves blood circulation and brain function, as well as prevent heart problems.

In addition from these benefits for our body, wine becomes an ideal complement, which, when tasted in moderation, liberates our endorphins by increasing our sense of pleasure. Taken during the meal, it helps to perceive the flavors better than when it is accompanied by any other drink. From Fresco we put at your disposal all these benefits so that you enjoy a great night.

You can not miss it!