A few days ago, Special Operations Command (MOE) staff collaborated with municipal technicians of the Orihuela City Council to clean the most wild and inaccessible areas of the coast.

This detachment is based in the area of Cabo Roig, an area of special protection for birds and a place of biological and marine importance. The military took care of the areas of difficult access of this natural place, putting into practice techniques that dominate by the military instruction that they receive throughout the year, as rapelling, to accede to the most steep and inaccessible places.

It is not the first time that the City of Orihuela resorts to the military for this type of tasks, impossible to perform for municipal technicians. A few months ago, the MOE’s “green berets” also performed seabead cleaning missions by putting their diving skills into practice, as members of this detachment are specialized in maritime-related missions.